Crane Softwrights Ltd. is pleased to provide software development, training and facilitation services in support of the Tradeshift network:

We are also a founder of the commercial ecosystem that also supports those interested in Tradeshift.

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1. Free software

We have published and planned a number of free resources to help people understand, experiment and work with Tradeshift.

Of note, we have a free Python-based interface to the Tradeshift API that you can download and use at no charge.

2. Free introductory lecture

Want an overview of Tradeshift, its background, its features and its benefits?

We have a short 30-minute set of presentation slides we can deliver over Skype at a mutually-convenient time. If you need to spread your audience to more than one machine, we can use a combination of Skype and Yugma. If you would like to use your own conferencing software by making us a temporary presenter, that is also very acceptable (even preferable).

To schedule this lecture, please email us at

3. Training

We now offer a hands-on quick-start class on the Tradeshift API using the Tradeshift sandbox.

Save hours or days of searching, finding and connecting the dots of the details by taking this three-hour interactive training class, one-on-one with the instructor using the WebEx conferencing tool. Finish the class with a working example of the programming-language-independent Tradeshift API on your computer in open source (using the Python programming language as the exemplar), and an overview of the principles and workings of the API and how it relates to the programs you need to develop in your choice of programming language.


Detailed syllabus:

We also have a number of related hands-on and lecture classes in XML technologies that we have delivered around the world for many years.

4. Services

We can help you with presenting your business documents in PDF in a custom layout based on your desired presentation. We can also help you with the use of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) and using it to interface your system with Tradeshift.

For more information please email us at

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